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With our busy lifestyle in Singapore, most families dine out which is expensive and unhealthy. We offers you the ease and comfort of having home cooked food delivered at your convenience without you needing to leave your doorsteps.

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Do you find yourself eating out or buying takeaways so often that you wonder if your meals are sufficiently nutritious for you and your loved ones?
Do you find it a challenge to buy back a healthy meal that provides a well-balanced diet for your family?
Do you often “dabao” your meals from the hawker centres, food courts or coffee shops but find that the food are either too oily or too salty or have too much MSG?

Instead of exposing your loved ones to low quality food, you can now order from Tingkat Singapore dot com to cater to your meals for your family. We have a team of nutritionists who planned well balanced menus to meet your needs.


We maintain the highest hygiene and standards of cooking. Our chefs are trained to prepare food which cater to the local Singaporean taste buds. We offer a wide selection of food Tingkat Menu on a week-to-week basis and free Tingkat Delivery to your doorsteps.


Tingkat Catering Saves Time


Dish Washing
Trouble of Washing and Cleaning After Each Meal?

Do you find yourself and your loved ones so cooped up with recurring tasks of having to do the marketing, cooking preparations and dish washing?
Do you experience the headaches of menu planning day after day, week after week for your loved ones and family?
Are you running out of ideas of what to cook or where and what to eat?


Now you can order from Tingkat Catering Singapore to cater to your meals for your family. Catering tingkat from us will free up your valuable time, allowing you to spend more time on leisure activities with your families.


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Mrs Susan...I am a working parent with 2 kids. My working hours is up to 5.30pm and I got no time to cook. I order Tingkat and save me alot of time.

Mrs Ang...After a day long work, its very tiring to cook, so I ordered tingkat from Tingkatsingapore.com. The food they provide are nutritious and delicious and the rates are reasonable.

Mr Francis...Both my wife and me are working, we prefer tingkat as it save us time in preparing food and washing so that we can spend more time with our kids.